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Noun. The sound a person makes while giving a great deep-throat blow-job and trying to say "Oh God, I love you.".
Dude, last night I was getting this great blow-job and when she looked up at me, all I could hear was "Ogallala". I didn't want to ask her what she said because she probably would've stopped sucking. I've never been to Nebraska.
by Soon 2. B. Unemployed July 07, 2012
Masturbatory term.
My mom said I'd grow hair on my palms if I kept polishing Yul Brenner's head, but I'm determined to wear that hair off.
by Soon 2. B. Unemployed March 03, 2011
While in the missionary position, placing a pillow underneath the hips of the one on the bottom. This raises the hips upward to create a more enjoyable and deeper penetration.
Honey, wait, this bed is too saggy. Let's get a helper pillow.
by soon 2. b. unemployed December 26, 2012
The act of faking an injury in an athletic competition in which your team is losing by a lot so you don't have to play anymore.
Dad: I'm sorry your basketball game turned out so bad. But did you see the way Mary collapsed in the middle of the floor? It was an Academy Award-winning slow motion fall. Eyes rolled up to the ceiling with a slow spin to the floor. No one touched her!
Daughter: I know. Scoreboard injury. She had to lay there for a while to make it look good.
Dad: Well, at least the other girls on the team who care about playing got playing time.
by Soon 2. B. Unemployed December 31, 2011
A female geek who has totally lost any semblance of womanhood.
Fred: Yo, Ted! I haven't seen Cheryl in ages. What the heck happened to her?
Ted: I don't know. She totally got into Warcraft and now she seems to have turned into a hermaphrogeek. I can't tell if she's still a girl or not.
by Soon 2. B. Unemployed July 08, 2012
An Olympic caliber athlete with questionable gender origins.
Bob: Hey Jim, were you watching the Olympic swimming competition last night?
Jim: Yeah, did you see that hermathlete from Germany?
Bob: Hermathlete?
Jim: Yeah, I couldn't tell by looking at her whether she was a squatter or a pointer. Hopefully the blood testing will tell us.
by Soon 2. B. Unemployed July 08, 2012
A female contractor tasked with writing technical documentation for large software products.
Bill: Say, Mark, who's the new girl?
Mark: She's the new documentress.
Bill: Wow, I feel my pencil getting sharper already.
by Soon 2. B. Unemployed March 03, 2011

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