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Waff'ling, from the verb 'to waffle', meaning:

1. To blather on pointlessly about a nonsense topic.

2. To get yourself out of a tight situation by talking a lot of bullshit.
1. 'I really want to impress this guy, so I'll start waffling on about nothing and look like a total prat!'

2. 'But Sir, I really did do that assignment! My dog ate it!'
'Stop waffling on. Thursday night detention.'
by Sonya August 21, 2004
Acronym for 'Friend of No-One'. Usually applies to friendless loners who sit in the corner... and cry.
Person A: That George is such a loner.
Person B: Oh, I know. He's a total FONO.
by Sonya August 21, 2004
A individual who is not doing well with they hygene or appearance and walk outside barefeet basically an unclean tore down person
Shaquita aint nothin but an ole dirty foots always askin for some milk and pampers for her baby
by sonya November 17, 2003
One of the most uber bands in THE WHOLE GOD DAMN WORLD! And does deserve more recognition, cuz they do kick ass!
Staind kicks all your pop lovin asses!
by Sonya July 19, 2003
Loves little male children. In a sexual way.
Is Santa Claus a pederass?
No, but your dad is.
by sonya November 05, 2003
A funny sounding high school that Sonya F. went to.
Kickapoo High School, Springfield, MO.
by Sonya January 18, 2004
Preps are so god damn vain.
by Sonya August 04, 2003

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