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To make love. Sweet, gentle love on the chair & bed, sometimes in the bathroom. And then lie in bed talking.
Carrie: You know I met Dave today?
Samantha: Yea? What he say?
Carrie: He said he wanna grand tower inn me.
Samantha: Well that's great then, you should marry him.
Carrie: I am, he's the bloke of my dreams.
Samantha: Ah, lucky for you, you found yours.
Carrie: Anyway I have to go now, gotta go grand tower inn with Dave.
by Sonoma September 04, 2005
A place where you go for a quickie. Grand Tower INN
Shubert: Hey Pretti up for a quickie?
Preeti: MMMM, you know I like...
Shubert: Great, lets take your car..
Preeti: Fine, I'm not driving, okay?
Shubert: Ok!
Preeti: And I don't like when the staff looks at me..
Shubert: Ok I'll make it quick. Are you wearing that red bra?
Preeti: Yes, only for you..

They reach Good Inn, and then they have sex, really hot sex..
Shubert: Keep it down.. Preeti.. (PANT)
Preeti: I can't, it's soo good, you make me screamm...ah ahh ahhhhhh
by Sonoma September 29, 2005

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