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3 definitions by Sonny Bono

an ass so large that if you tried to assram it your penis would not penetrate the rectum.
by sonny bono September 06, 2003
While in the act of mutual masturbation, shoving shelled peanuts or peanut M&Ms into the anus of your partner until he or she climaxes thus shitting out all of the peanuts or M&Ms.
Bro, I've been cleaning my house all day because I met this girl at the bar last night and she gave me the best anal filbert of my life, there was shit everywhere.
by Sonny Bono December 27, 2005
When one's penis is sticking through the hole in one's underpants. This is usually seen with boxer shorts.
When Jimmy took his pants off before basketball practice he was embarrassed when Frankie told him he had a peking noodle.
by Sonny Bono December 27, 2005