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To get a brazillian wax then adorn your cooty with stick on gems
Her snatch looks pretty now that its vajazziled! Look at it sparkle!
by Sonny Black Monster March 02, 2010
the juice from nicotine gum
I was chewing some smoking gum and I ate like 3 pieces , just so i could drink the nicotine juice!
by Sonny Black Monster December 30, 2008
when you ask a old man to get behind his cable box for troubleshooting and he bends over the front of it and his jazz balls tap the box
Rep: Sir,can you get behind the cable box?
Customer: hold on a sec...
Rep: I can hear some tapping on the box, what's going on sir?
Customer : I'm just bending over trying to get behind the box.

Rep:(under his breath)Fuckin Jazz balls!
by Sonny Black Monster December 20, 2008
Someone who jacks it alot
Go get a girlfriend already and stop being such a jaculator!
by Sonny Black Monster January 04, 2009
When a woman has a fat lump right above her pussy.
Chris: Did you see that chick in the tight pants?!
David: Yeah, she's a fatsquatch
by Sonny Black Monster December 03, 2008
A mix breed, 1/2 Arab, 1/2 filipino=arabpino
damn that guys tall as fuck,tall as arab, wait his face is like filipino yet arab, he's a Arabpino!!!!
by Sonny Black Monster January 09, 2009
a filipino-black person
what the hell are you? you look Philack!
by Sonny Black Monster January 04, 2009

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