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Verb. A contraction or blending of the words 'talk' and 'fuck'.
To falk is to hold an erotic conversation, by telephone or IM, ideally leading to a long-distance orgasm by both parties.
falked, falking, falker.
He'd call, and we'd falk for hours.
I love the way you falk to me!
A master of words, his IMs would falk me into ecstacy.
by Sonni Hopkins November 21, 2006
The sound from the back of your throat that comes when trying to subdue your laughter while talking; similiar to a snort.

In written form, an exclamation used as an indication of sarcasm.
"Oh, yeaaah! She meant every word of it(snert)!"

"(snert) She called him a WHAAAT?"
by sonni hopkins June 03, 2007
A Verb. A contraction, or a blending of the verbs 'to talk', and 'to f*ck'.
To falk is to hold conversation, via IM or by telephone, erotic by nature, that leads to a long-distance orgasm of both parties.
I can't wait to falk with you!
I love the way you Falk with/to me!
by sonni hopkins November 20, 2006
Covert expression for the male (possibly uncircumcised) sexual tool.
see: one eyed trouser trout
His best catches were when he used his one-eyed night-crawler-with-a-turtleneck as bait.
by sonni hopkins August 15, 2005
Or-gy-as-mic: adj.

1. Like an orgasm with the force of a whole orgy.


2. A level above orgasmic in praise.
1. "I came like a hundred cums!"

2. "That pizza was better than orgasmic, it was orgyasmic!"
by sonni hopkins September 15, 2011
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