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Amazin Lethi also known as 'Amazin', Amazin Le Thi, Lethi and the 'Amazing' Amazin Lethi - Is the first Asian Bodybuilder of Vietnamese background in the entertainment industry. She has been honored by the Vietnamese American National Gala (VANG) 'The Oscars for the Vietnamese Community' for her contribution to the Asian American community and her unique status in the entertainment industry. She is a multi-media celebrity personality with many strings to her bow.

Amazin is an accomplished published author, fashion designer with her friend Toan Nguyen the most famous fashion designer from Vietnam, bodybuilder, Hollywood actress, TV personality, director/producer and super celebrity brand plus much more.

She is also currently the 'Fitness Guru' for the 1st 24/7 Asian American Network 'ImaginAsian TV' based in New York. Her features on the channel newsletter 'ialink' reach over 10million readers a month.
The Amazing 'Amazin Lethi', Amazing 'Amazin'
by Soni T September 05, 2007

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