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the games on your cell phone/iPod (brick breaker, solitaire, etc.) that are only played when you are using the restroom for extended periods of time.
Person #1 - I have to use the bathroom

Person #2 - Would you like a magazine?

Person #1 - No, that's quite all right. I have some poopin' games on my Blackberry.
by Son Bon November 25, 2010
A label designated for one who does not make plans of their own, but leeches off of other peoples plans. Generally they are not welcomed in but seen as a pest when they show up unannounced.
Person #1: Janaye and I were going to spend some time together last night with Quincy and Emily, but then Tim showed up and our plans were ruined.

Person #2: Ew gross, Tim is such a Plans Parasite...
by Son Bon July 16, 2011

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