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(TELEVISION JOURNALISM) stock video clip that adds meaning to a sequence or disguises the elimination of unwanted content. This technique of using the cutaway is common to hide zooms in documentary films: the visuals may cut away to B roll footage of what the person is talking about while the A camera zooms in, then cut back after the zoom is complete. The cutaway to B roll footage can also be used to hide "uh"s, sniffs, coughs, and so forth.

This can also be used to change the meaning of the speaker to fit the view of the producer.

In fiction film, the technique can be used to indicate simultaneous action or flashbacks, usually increasing tension or revealing information.
In the past, companies provided TV networks with stock footage, or b-roll, for programs about their industry. Now, they produce entire video news releases, or fake news stories that the networks air without attribution.

Soon all television will be commercials.
by Something Blue July 15, 2010

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