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A highly intelligent guy. He has rock your face off super hero abilities, such as: being hilarious, being an awesome friend, digging for gold, and well doing a not so great backflip into a pile of leaves and almost breaking his neck.

Warning: Not safe for children under the age of 3, he'll poke your eye out.
Whoa that guy is a Super-Dan!

Digging for gold is a Super-Dan thing to do!

Golly Gee Willikers it's Super-Dan!
by Someperson January 27, 2005
Also affectionately known as Courtneyitis. It tends to slow your thinking process and is also 2 words. It also makes you more suseptable to problems with speach.
Hye man I gots that Cancer of Head that you been talkin' bout.
by Someperson October 10, 2003
For women, a whole week without sex( which is bad since the clit is most sensitive then)
For America, the full stop.
2) Period.
by Someperson April 25, 2005

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