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A Sweet bubbly girl, she's quiet at some times but as you get to know her, she'll be a crazy outgoing person. She likes having fun with friends and loves to eat. She is a fun and loving person. She enjoys making people laugh and cheer them up, even if she doesn't know them! Under her bubbly self, she's insecure and sensitive. She can be serious at times, nice and sweet. She Doesn't take everything too seriously and also Doesn't complain on her problems. Gives good advice and listens to her friends.

Above all, she always finds time to have fun. She always smile at the most possible times. Even when she's sad, She doesn't show it. She has temper, but can control it. But being a joyful girl, no one wants her sad...right? She tends to love pranking people with all sorts of fun stuff. She had a very bad past when she was young as she was always bullied. When she moved to her new life, she wanted to change. She wanted someone to always make her smile, someone who can help her bury her past. She’s really good at dancing and singing, and she can paint or draw almost everything. And above All that, She’s very Athletic and Sporty. And really amazing at cheering people up! :)
Janine may not be Perfect, but she's nearly there...
by Someone Around The Corner March 30, 2013

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