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Contrary to popular misconception, hotty toddy is neither a fight song nor an attempt to trigger (pun intended) LSU fans' suicide by shooting themselves (since they have reason enough to do so just by virtue of being LSU fans). Rather, it is a heartening cheer exchanged between Ole Miss Rebel fans to ensure that they are still sober enough to pronounce polysyllabic phrases and thus, sober enough to order more whiskey when they leave the game to celebrate their victory over whomever they just kicked hell out of. The cheer is ineffective with other SEC school foes' fans, since they can not pronounce anything more than monosyllabic utterances whether sober or (as usual) drunk off their proverbial butts. For example "Woof! Woof!" (UGA); "Roll Tide!" (Bama); "Oh, S**t! We lost!" (MSU); "Duh?" (LSU). Just for the record, if Ole Miss were to ever lose a football game, their fans are doubtlessly dressed better anyway.
Hotty toddy!
God almighty!
Who the Hell are we?
Flim Flam, Bim Bam!
Ole Miss, by damn!
by Somecallme....JOE September 14, 2008

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