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1 definition by Somebodythatyoustillknow

The most extraordinary, beautiful, complicated person you'll ever meet in your life. She treats me horribly. She does not love me. She just doesn't give much. But it's like all my trouble just vanishes when I am with her. She my dream, my love, my life. I just want to spend my life with her. That is if she gives me the opportunity. I am willing to give up everything for her. Except for my life. Because I want to spend every single second I have with her. I know she might never accept me. But she should know that there is someone out there that loves her with undying passion. Also her brother and I could be thunderbuddies.
Hey, what's wrong? Why are you so complicated?
It's because I am an Emilie.
by Somebodythatyoustillknow August 08, 2012
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