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54 definitions by Somebody

The opposite of Pot... the reason why people get giggly and stoned-out at 4 AM
by somebody September 10, 2003
4 16
A thing with a hole and poop comes out of it.It makes very sudden noises at very special times.Always wipe your "butt" after you poop or it will smell very bad.
Sometimes when I fart my "butt" smells like ass.
by somebody March 28, 2005
39 54
A Operator in #mRO
24/7 Headband wearing Assassin in Ragnarok.
Noob: Hey Look. It's Edger! Hi Edger! Give me some cash!
Edger: Sure.. >< hands over 50k zenny
by Somebody June 30, 2003
2 18
Fat black lesbian bitch who loves to chomp box.
That klondike would do anything for some snatch.
by Somebody March 29, 2005
16 39
anyone with the name Rafael Cobian
by somebody February 18, 2003
69 101
An extremely large land mammal that live in dark places (such as caves and under rocks). Often acts aggressive to others that it feels are invading its territory.
Female Hiker: Whoa! I tried to look in that cave but the FX inside tried to bite my head off!
by somebody August 10, 2004
8 48
Skinny pale middle-aged washed out celebrity with the body features of an eagle. Thought he would get his career back by sucking off some producer for a little cameo in some movies such as the classic "Half-Baked" and the asscrumb of cinema, "Dumb and Dumberer". Gave up on life and now sits in the corner of his room reading Newsweek and Vogue.
Bob Saget molested the Olsen twins with his pecker-like nose.
by Somebody April 13, 2005
82 123