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The son of God. The sexiest man alive. I wish I were his wife, that lucky mutha. Hey, maybe when his son is a bit older, we'll get to drool all over him too, neh?
Johnny Depp should be a lollypop.
Johnny Depp should be a Blow-up doll.
Johnny Depp should be a RELIGION!
by Somebody December 16, 2003
a loser that uses stock comebacks and is obsessed with anime
"waah those shitheads dont like crappy shows like evangelion so im gonna throw the same insults over and over at them"
by Somebody July 19, 2003
Fucking tired
Im so fired!
by Somebody June 01, 2004
A team of elite fighting heroes, sent to save the world. The origin of this super hero team is shrouded in mystery, but one thing is for certain: They're going to kick you in the face. Original members include Joneleth and Glen Gunlock.

Contrary to popular belief, they are not ducks.
Oh no! It's that elite, super hero team Duck Fight! RUN!
by Somebody April 05, 2004
The opposite of Pot... the reason why people get giggly and stoned-out at 4 AM
by somebody September 10, 2003
When you focus a kick, preferably aimed at someone’s face.
If you don't watch yoself, I might just have to use the FOCUS OF TEH KICK!
by Somebody April 05, 2004
A small bear that has cocks on his face.
UFF has cocks on his face.
by Somebody September 29, 2003

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