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hotness! hot
short girls are hot
by somebody June 29, 2004
a place to insert a penis
by somebody February 20, 2003
Singer-songwriter-pianist noted for her poetic lyrics, uncommon wordings, very long album names, and low alto voice. Born Fiona Apple Maggart to Diane McAfee and Brian Maggart of New York in 1977, she is vegetarian, and her albums include 1996's Tidal (featuring Shadowboxer, Sleep to Dream and Criminal), 1999's When the Pawn... (full title When the pawn hits the conflict he thinks like a king/What he knows throws the blows when he goes to the fight/And he'll win the whole thing fore he enters the ring/There's no body to batter when your mind is your might/So when you go solo, you hold your own hand/And remember that depth is the greatest of heights/And if you know where you stand then you know where to land/And if you fall it won't matter, cuz you'll know that you're right. Featuring Paper Bag, Fast As You Can, and Limp) and Extraordinary Machine, which is at this time unreleased because the Epic cheeses "can't find a marketable single." Despite this a DJ in seattle has gotten hold of a copy of the album and intends to play it in its entirety over a period of weeks, thereby also leaking it onto the internet. Suspiciously, no charges have been pressed.
Fiona Apple's When the Pawn continues to be one of my favorite albums of all time.
by somebody March 06, 2005
Dynamic singer-songwriter-pianist noted for her cultlike following, mostly uninterpretable lyics, controversial subject matter, and flaming red hair. Born Myra Ellen Amos to Edison and Mary Amos of Maryland in 1963 (with dark brown hair; she dyes it), she began playing piano at age 2, began classical training at Peabody conservatory at age 5, began playing in piano bars at age 13, and moved to LA at 21. While there she survived a ual assault which inspired her to co-form the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) and write the haunting, a capella Me and a Gun. She is now married to her sound engineer, Mark Hawley, and they live in Cornwall with daughter Natashya. Her albums to date (and first singles in parentheses) are 1988's Y Kant Tori Read (featuring Cool On Your Island), 1992's Little Earthquakes (featuring Silent All These Years), 1994's Under the Pink (God), 1996's Boys for Pele (Caught a Lite Sneeze), 1998's From the Choirgirl Hotel (Spark), 1999's To Venus and Back (Bliss), 2001's Strange Little Girls (an album of covers, featuring the title track), 2003's Scarlet's Walk (featuring A Sorta Fairytale), and 2005's The Beekeeper (Sleeps with Butterflies). She is often compared to singer-songwriter Kate Bush, more for lack of similarity to anyone else than any actual similarity to each other. Interestingly and slightly ironically, her best-selling album, Boys for Pele, was preceeded by a power struggle between herself and her record label, in which they threatened to and followed through with promoting her as little as legally possible.
Tori amos is god. Let's rent a minivan and follow her around the country on tour.
by somebody March 06, 2005
1. An anime cartoon that is often made fun of by people who are too stupid to understand anything it is about.
2. A show that combines human drama with mecha (robot) action.
Evangelion is high-quality entertainment.
by Somebody May 19, 2003
Something stupid liberals think will solve all our problems. The idea that just because most of Europe's citizens can't own guns we can't either. Similar to saying that to prevent obesity we should ban potato chips, or to prevent auto accident we should ban cars.
by somebody October 17, 2003
Evil overlords of computerized activity. Will ban just about anyone they don't like, even if they follow the rules flawlessly. Nazi administrators are generally megalomaniacs whos lust for power overwhelms all sense of judgement, which ends up resulting in terrifying abuse of admin powers. Examples of Nazi administrators can be found at the forums of Sonic HQ, and even here, where the Nazi administrators compulsively delete definitions by request of their other Nazi contacts.
Nazi Admin: Sieg heil!
Innocent person: What?
Nazi Admin: That's it, you're banned!
by somebody April 22, 2004

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