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A sexy, adventurous, crazy adrenaline junkie! Loves to help others in all kinds of ways, wouldn't mind running into a burning building to save a life. Loves food! A self proclaimed "food enthusiast". Always up for whatever even if it's illegal. also has amazing DJ skills!!! And great fashion sense. You'll also never find a lover like Oscar.
Steve: "what did you do last night?"
Liz: "had an adventure with Oscar, it was GREAT!!"
Steve: "I hate that amazing guy" *under his breath* "I wish I could be like Oscar"
by Someawesomeperson January 07, 2013
1. A salad that consists of cabbage, carrot, and other boring things with a coleslaw sauce, that tastes similar to mayonnaise.
2. and Exclamation of victory, created by an ad featuring Mitchell Johnson, an Australian cricketer.
2.-gets person out- COLESLAW!
by someawesomeperson March 13, 2008
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