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One fluent in Linux and Banging the hot bitches
by someyoungguy October 25, 2003
Aftermarket parts that can be simply bolted on a vehicle without any fabrication to upgrade a factory equiped part. Vehicle has to come from the factory with like part.

Factory longblock must remain intact with unmoddified parts it came with from the factory.
These are Bolt-on's:
Intake, exhaust, pullies, throttle body, larger supercharger or turbo on factory equiped vehicles.

TVS GT500 - Yes
Twin Turbo Z06 - No
Camro with heads/cam - No
Nitrous - No
by SomeYoungGuy June 07, 2012
Having fun without an intentional purpuse
When I was trying to catch Adam I slipped across the ice! It was so forp!
by Someyoungguy October 07, 2005
1- God is this guy that I've been forced to learn about since I was 6. In alot of religons he is the guy who both damns and saves humanity in one fell swoop. Maybe I'd have more to say if I thought for a second he made us for anything more than the same reason you go to wally world to buy a goldfish.

2- First part of God Damn. A wonderful little explitive that can be used for many things.
a) Expressing admiration for anothers body
b) Expressing hatred for a person or situation
c) Simply asking your version of god to damn something to hell.
1- God is a cool guy.
2- A) Gawd DAAAAAAMMN! Thats one nice ass.
C) God Damn pop hackers to hell!
by Someyoungguy July 03, 2003
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