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245 definitions by SomeOne

Hottest chick in the world.
Damn that chick be fyne, she must be an Ivana
by Someone February 27, 2005
845 162
really skinny people that will, within the year, gain 20 pounds, lose their morals, and drink way too much
i have never seen so many skinny girls on campus....oh it's rush week....they are all the freshman
by someone September 28, 2004
997 352
The Roland TR-808 Sequencer

Roland introduced this analogue synthesiser in 1981 and it was used in many 80's tunes. The sounds, when not processed by other equipment, has a trademark "hollow/tinny" sound. The trademark sound of this synth is the "cowbell".

16 total sounds, 12 voice polyphony. Midi In/Out
The Roland 808 is how an 80's garage band could get away with not having a good drummer.
by someone June 15, 2004
980 369
a bad ass with a big dick
That hot dude is a russ.
by SOMEONE May 02, 2004
873 294
a very lovable, adorable, cute and silly baby.
I love Cara very much.
by SOMEONE September 06, 2004
765 248
The french word to say hello.
Bonjour !
by Someone July 22, 2003
406 36
envious; jealous; wanting something that someone else has.
You envy Rav, don't you?
by someone August 02, 2004
572 239