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The Bad-Ass black guy from Rob Zombie's first Halloween in the truckstop bathroom that gets pwnd by ol' Mikey.
"Let me introduce myself, I'm Joe Grizzly bitch!"
*Michael Myers Kills Joe Grizzly*
by SomeFatNig October 21, 2010
1. When one cannot "get it up" and has Erectial Disfunction
2. When one cannot ejaculate, or has sterile sperm.
As Grandma explained how Grandpa was Nut Lagging, we all threw up all over her nig face.
by SomeFatNig October 11, 2010
Sound effect of boredom, or of being just plain dissatisfied.
Can also be used when one is extremely apathetic or just does not care and feels extremely terrible.
When a girlfriend gets pregnant, the man in the relationship has perfect reasoning to say bwamp.
And add: "What the hell? :|"
by SomeFatNig April 11, 2011
1. "Kool-Aid"
That black guy was drinking his nig nog while trying to fix his tv.
by SomeFatNig October 29, 2010
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