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When subsections of the same stereotype collide causing a hatred of all subsections other than one's own, causing a massive "war". For example the "Goth" subsections. Each thinks they have started a trend and all else fails. Most of the time it seems as if the trend that derived from goth hates the stereotype it was derived from.
The Goths
The Brootals
The Emos
The Hardcore Kids
The Scenes
For example, Goths hate all other subsections.
Brootals hate emos and goths (though they were derived from each)
Emos hate goths and scenes. (Again emo is derived from each)
Hardcore kids hate emos and scenes.

Scenes hate goths and emos.
and that's the gist of it. Ridiculous really, but that's what the label war really is. All trying to be number one label i guess.
by SomeChickNamedNelle June 21, 2009

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