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1. A fan of the band Manowar

2. A typical Manowarrior cannot go a single minute without calling someone a "poser", without explaining what the said person is posing to be, or how having a different opinion from his makes him a total fake.

3. Manowarriors often look down on any "modern" bands, because they stereotype it as "false metal", just because they're too narrow-minded to realize that Manowar themselves have hardly any talent either.

Sure, they can play guitar solos, but SO WHAT? Thousands of other bands can too. But they don't use the same lyrics in each song (oo, look at me! I can't shut up about steel, and I love to pretend I'm an armor-clad warrior who's gonna fight for glory!), or use the same song structures, especially in the verses (which only consist of a few soft-played chords repeated over and over.. so much for "loudest band in the world" -_- ), or play the EASIEST riffs ever, while holding back any and all actual talent for the solo.

4. A typical Manowarrior also believes that Manowar is a lot more talented than any other band in the world (which was disproven above), and louder than any other band in the world (yea right. Even SIMPLE PLAN is louder than these guys.. and I hate Simple Plan. This is not opinion. Truly, if you were to turn any song by both bands up to max volume, you'd hear the Simple Plan song louder). Once again, these people don't realize that Manowar is definitely not as talented as they say. Everyone knows that the only reason anyone likes Manowar is that they sing about "true metal" and call everyone else "wimps" and "posers", which is where the cries of "poser" to everything anti-Manowar came from. I'm sure that if Manowar never sung a goddamn thing about metal, you wouldn't have liked them either.
I seriously don't have a problem with Manowar as a band, but I don't like their music, and I don't like the message they're portraying. It pisses me off so much how people use this band as a way to justify hatred against people who listen to so-called "false metal" like Slipknot, Korn, Limp Bizkit, or whatever. Sure, I agree that Korn and Limp Bizkit suck, but Slipknot surely do not, and if you read my definition about them, you'll see why.

These people just want to listen to whatever they want. They like the music, so they're not being posers. They're not ruining the image of metalheads. Only anti-metal people are, by calling it Satan-worshipping garbage with screaming lunatics. Therefore, if you are a fellow Manowarrior reading this right now, learn to control yourself, and stop calling people posers. They have a different opinion from you. That doesn't justify you calling them "fake", because surely there are at least a million other people who would agree. It all comes down to personal taste, but you can't say that having a different taste is wrong. So, if someone just doesn't agree with you, don't give a shit, and keep going the way you are.
by SomeBadJoke December 27, 2006
Yet another one of the overrated terrible rappers that plague the music industry these days. Does nothing but rap about sex, drugs, how great he thinks he is, and a bunch of other meaningless shit. Do you want some examples? Here:

Sex: Grown and Sexy - though it's self explanatory

Drugs: Ridin' - it's basically about smuggling drugs and hiding them from the police

Self-promotion: In the Trunk - Look up the lyrics.. it's ridiculous

The rest of the songs are basically just "shoutouts to his niggas" or something like that, and then he says a bunch of meaningless crap just for the purpose of showing how "gangsta" he is because he can speak in ebonics. Bad idea, you big fake.

If he actually rapped about things that made sense, and not simply some made-up stories of his "ghetto life", then maybe this guy would get a little more respect from me.
Chamillionaire: "Tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty" *then repeat this like 8 times in 30 seconds - how great, huh?*
by SomeBadJoke August 11, 2006
Horrible music. I have some good reasons for having this opinion too.

I used to be around rap all the time, and really.. it all sounded the same. Same beat all the time, and very identical voices (seeing as most rappers are black and have similar voices). The only thing that really changes are the sound effects in the back. Not only that, but most mainstream rap is about, yup - you got it: Sex, drugs, money, violence, racism against whites, and gangsta life. I'm not stereotyping, because I KNOW not all rap is about this. But really.. how many examples can you give besides people such as 2pac, Kayne West or Mos Def?

2pac wasn't really any different from today's rappers. He too made songs about life in the ghettos, and being a gangsta. He made songs about shooting cops, and committing other various crimes. These really aren't some standards I'd want to live by. Wouldn't you agree? And Kayne West... he recently exposed his racist personality by talking about how whites don't care about black people, and how he thinks that everything that happens is because of white people. Mos Def might've been one of the only rappers who did not follow all these stereotypes, but there are few people who listen to him compared to people who listen to shit like 50 Cent, Ludacris, or Nelly.

If you listened to most of today's rap, the songs will always be about either one of the themes mentioned above, but mostly sex. Actual lines in some rap songs include: "I'm in love with a stripper", "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes", "Shake that ass girl", "I'll let you lick the lollipop", and "Your ass is a masterpiece". I could probably come up with lots more examples if I continued looking. Just goes to show you what most rap is made of.

So therefore, to those of you who are trying to defend rap, why bother? You're telling us to listen to the good stuff like 2pac, Kayne West, Mos Def, etc., but however, you listen to all that gangsta rap shit at the same time. Go out in public, and look around you. See how many people have been possessed by this music. They act like they're "the shit", use curse words in all of their sentences, wear G-Unit clothes, and call themselves "gangstas". If people really listened to the stuff you're telling them to listen to, why do we have so many people who listen to OTHER stuff and follow THEIR standards?

One more thing. To those who defend rap and bash rock/metal, SHUT UP. I'm not stereotyping rap, but YOU'RE stereotyping rock. There are VERY few bands who, as you call it, smash their instruments or scream at the top of their lungs like psychotic lunatics. The bands who do that are usually black metal bands, and black metal is virtually unknown by the public. The same goes for bands who, once again as you call it, make songs about Satan, blood, death, and all those other gruesome themes. That's death metal, which isn't any more popular than black metal. Sure, some of today's modern popular bands DO talk about this stuff, and they DO smash their instruments and scream, and yea, we all know those bands suck, just like 50 Cent does as a rapper. But they don't reflect on the ENTIRE genre. Whereas with rap, almost 2/3 of the genre is about the stereotypical stuff. Seriously, if you're going to attack something, at least be accurate with it.
Face it, rap sucks. The only talent it takes to make rap is to write lots of words and keep it in harmony with the beat. Too bad the words that are used are almost always about sex, drugs, money, and gangstas. I respect those who do not write about this stuff, and actually make their words poetry, but there are few artists who did this.

The only thing rap has going for it is that it's good music to dance to, whereas you can't do that with most rock. However, rock takes lots more talent. You need cooperation of several people to make just ONE song, while rappers don't need anyone - thus his/her job is easier. You need to learn to play instruments, while a rapper only needs to know how to talk/sing on the mic, which in fact IS quite easy to do. Not only that, but rock music is actually VARIED. Rap.. all you have is about 2 or 3 different beats with different sound effects in the back, which can be played by pushing buttons on a machine. NIIICE.
by SomeBadJoke August 04, 2006

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