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for every one that read the "opinions" above excluding the previous one, job corp is a great place. i personally give good reference. i am from da hood, been into shit, dope, nd shit im not supposed 2 be doing in the first place.unlike these people above complaining that they can't do what they want because they are immature little brats who think they run it but they don't run shit so complainers seriously, shut the fuck up and go back elementary if you gonna act like a kid bitch. if it wasn't for j.c i would be dead, drunk, homeless or somehwere and i thank God i found a place like this. i mean yeah a few teachers are dicks and the center director is a little farfetch'd but who in the world isnt. there will always be drugs and violence, but as long as u follow simple fucking rules that only require common sense, then maybe you jerks would'nt be talking all this shit that u could'nt accomplish because u decided to follow your own rules punk. as for STD's, how bout dont fuck and keep clean, if not then enter at your own risk. so w.e go fuck yourselves and for the people reading this and are interested, don't apply if ur not willing to sacrifice some freedom and ready to study. thank you for reading this and if you have a negative comment, like i said go fuck yourself.
Job Corps is a good place to study, but ignore the fools, and stick to real homies and u may like what waits at the end of the tunnel. tighten up
by Some one you don't know punk January 30, 2010

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