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Easily the biggest shit hole in europe after being to all of the uk major citys and places like paris and berlin
Where you from
west mids
neva mind we can work on that
by Some one that hates birmingham August 21, 2006
Another absolute shit hole, part of the ghetto of the wild midwest
Never ever go to wolverhampton or birmigham or any of the west mids unless u live there or your black!
by Some one that hates birmingham August 21, 2006
The biggest ghetto in the uk, part of the dead industrial land scape of the west mids, known as the wild midwest to the gankstaz that rule the area. Walking through birmingham past 10pm without having an ethnic background and a gang of 30 dat are all carrying guns is the equivalent of through no mans land in 1940 with no armor or gun. Although not as big as London after being to both of the ghettoz wel driven through fast i would say that London doesn't compare to. For a single white person you are almost certain to be killed. The police has no control over the gangs,drugs and guns and schanks (knives). It can only be described as a breathing shit hell hole. Every black male from the 13 onwards will own a 9 mill gun. It is the black capital of the uk and has a large muslim population the 2 togheter outway white people by a scary scale. The nice area in birmingham edgbaston is slowly tilting and becoming another scary part of the wild west. Particuarly nasty area's in birmingham are handsworth, aston, lozells, bordesley green, springfields and small heath. Burger bar boys and Johnson crew are the two big gangs that often have to be stopped by armed police blocks ths sort of thing you see on a grand theft auto game. Other parts of the "wild midwest" that are also partcicuarly nasty are dudley, wolverhampton, west bromich(although no where near as bad)
You live in birimgham
Ohhhh ok bye bye.

We rolin down birmingham
No we're white
by Some one that hates birmingham August 21, 2006

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