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Often confused with the American-Chinese foods, which are pretty much reheated frozen clumps of MSG, unfresh ingredients, and cheap wholesale.

Real Chinese food are found in actual Chinese restaurants that mostly have CHINESE words on their front, which serve the real delicacies from Chinese culture.

Of course, their are many other regional favorites in actual China, yet many considers disgusting just because they aren't used to it.

The ones that makes fun of eating snake, and organs of animals, etc. being disgusting are probably pussies that are too scared to try exotic foods, since it is all washed and cleaned.
That stupid tourist over there actually tried to order chicken balls in a authentic Chinese restaurant, what an idiot.
by Some Chinese Guy December 31, 2003
The most obnoxious type of "racial" (note: they are a sub-culture) statement I have ever heard.

Mostly as Asians that grew up in America, these brain-washed disgraces of our race walk around and try to make themselves seem superior, while it is just giving everyone of Asian descent a bad name with their attempt to be "ghetto".

Most of these people should be shot, if not rehabilitated.
I am an Asian, but I would sooner cut off my balls and dye my skin black then be an "aZn".
by Some Chinese Guy January 07, 2004

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