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A semi-entertaining though higly unoriginal book series about some kid with issues facing off dry and predictable villains. It's fun to look up the names of the characters, though. Harry Potter is a fair introduction to fantasy novels, though. Later, you can climb up to Lord of the Rings, Discworld, or Cthulhu Mythos. Especially Discworld. Phrases like "Harry Potter is teh gehy" and "HARRY POTTER IS THE BESTEST THING EVAR!!!!!" are both nonsensical.
Harry Potter isn't completely horrible. It just has crappy characters and plots. And it's unoriginal. Yeah.
by Some Guy November 15, 2003
Furries... ah. Hmm, well, I'll try not to make this hateful.

Current day furries are a twisted version of what was once an appreciation of animated "furry" characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck (as other definitions of this word before mine reference.) However, the current furry is... scary. Your modern furry will enjoy looking at pornographic art of anthropomorphic characters, and some even believe they are animals in human form - I am not kidding.

Having met the modern day versus an older days furry, I can safely say that modern day furries are an excellent example of corruption. They have corrupted what was once an innocent appreciation of characters into the sickening thing it has become.

Modern-day Furries (mostly) abhor Something Awful, a site which isn't afraid to point out and make fun of what furries have become. Thank god Something Awful is around... heh, that's where I first learned about how furries were once not so bad...
"A furry is a sad, sad thing..."
by Some guy March 26, 2004
g-unit sneakers
im goin later to buy some G6 high tops
by some guy June 02, 2004
To commit suicide, not necessarily by use of a gun.
Bob Jumped the gun because his wife was cheating on him.
by some guy November 21, 2002

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