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3 definitions by Solowingpixy22

A person worth absolutely nothing, serves no purpose to society, and is rejected by most people.
See Sum 41 "Skumfuk"
"Dude, look at that Skumfuk over there."
by Solowingpixy22 September 08, 2011
20 2
A tightly nit group of homosexuals that have both relational and casual sex with one another.
"Hey man, look at that fagwagon on over there"
by Solowingpixy22 September 06, 2011
12 2

Going to someone's facebook profile and repeatedly liking all the content and/or commenting random things like 'a' or '.' and infinite number of times
- "Adam Profile-Raped my Facebook, He commented 'a' like 500 times on my status!"
by Solowingpixy22 September 14, 2011
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