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The human tornado. Dolomite is quite possibly one of the better/more stereotypical characters to come out of the 70's genre of blacksploitation films. Part pimp, part crime fighting/crimemaking super hero, Dolomite cannot be killed by conventional weapons- ala Keith Richards.
Not to be confused with Shaft, Super Fly or any other mere mortal black actors. Played so elequently by Rudy Ray Moore, Dolomite will bust a cap in yo ass, run from the honky ass po-lice and otherwise find sick ways of killing you, maiming you and fucking yo' bitch.
"oh Dolomite, I'm so happy"
"they don't know that Dolomite is the human tornado"
by Solorzano Brothers March 14, 2005
Someone or something that is whack or busted.
It can refer to someone who is not well put together, dressed like a scrub, or someone who is just fugly.
Term derived from the dishevelled, unkempt, tattered ends of a rope.
Damn, bro I just saw Steve macking with that frayed ass girl over there, he must have his beer goggles on.
by Solorzano Brothers March 22, 2005
Something that is utterly unbelievable, absurd, whack, impossible or otherwise rediculous or recockulous. Usually refers to things that are beyond belief in an amazing way.
"Damn, yo... did you just see that chick walk by? Them tigolbitties were redongulous!"
by Solorzano Brothers March 08, 2005
A horridly putrid and funky smelling ass hole. Usually assosciated with forgetting to wipe.
Derived from the funk that comes from a sphincter. Not to be confused with the fun that can be associated with sphincters.
"Damn baby, that is some foul-ass sphunkter stank you got going on!"
by Solorzano Brothers March 08, 2005
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