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Having a Troll like quality. Generally unpleasant.
Oscar how are you? - Person 1

Fuck you!- Oscar

wow, aren't you Trollsome - Person 1
by Solomon Reece April 01, 2008
Numpkins, Deriving from the word Nump, to nump is to be grumpy or to be disliked by natives in a funny situation.

Numpkins refers to White People who are being grumpy when an ethnic person is teasing them.
se me for being white, we are all equals.

Ethnic, Ha ha ha your so white!

White Kid, Hey, just because your Ethnic means you can't tease me for being white, we are all equals.

Ethnic, fucking numpkin! All you god damn Numpkins are the same!
by Solomon Reece June 15, 2008

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