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A super short chubby faced fat girl that's looks scary and freaky, resembling an oompa loompa- also has a fat upper pussy area.
Snookie, that skeez is a Fupa loompa!
by Solomacn November 20, 2012
Gettin sum head and gaming-a vicious blowjob while playing call of duty- pronounced "cod-job". Only considered a true C.O.D. Job if you finish the level or round while recieving, also helps to pay more attention to the game than the mouth.
My girl was tired of watching me play all nite, and started giving me a C.O.D.Job to get me off the game. So I finished a level or two before I finished getting her.
by Solomacn August 01, 2012
To shit yourself while blarting, shitting yourself while trying to fart while riding a rascal- wheelchair, or on any seat.Usually accompanied by a special musical tune that's special to the Blart, made by the combination of fluttering asscheeks and seat,which has a squeaky quality.
"We've got to go now Jenny-I just tried to fart and I Blart sharted all over the place.Its dripping in my shoes already, now hurry up and help me out of this rascal."
by Solomacn November 20, 2012
A Loud squeaking fluttering fart sound made from the combination of seat and ass on a wheelchair, rascal, or in some cases any seat. Originally a fart on a rascal characterized by the special sound of a "seat fart" and now the meaning and application has been expanded.
"What's that sound? And what the fuck is that smell Randy?" "Bro, it's that old lady in the rascal, she just blarted. Can't you Hear that squeak? It's still going."

"Did you hear that blurt from that fat guy riding the rascal?"
by Solomacn November 20, 2012
Pain felt from a penis in your anus-also used as a present tense term for someone experiencing pain from a penis in the anus in that moment
"What's wrong Jen?" "I've got a painus and its hard to shit,Jason put it in my ass last night."
by Solomacn October 04, 2012

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