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2 definitions by Solokin Amahimat

1. An expression of hapiness, but usually in the context of competition when you are on the victorious side, e.g., after a winning game or such.It is usually said aloud, not written. See woot
"We won the game! Wootchaka!"
by Solokin Amahimat September 17, 2005
adj. Poogish, Poogishly, Poogishness. Used to describe a person or thing as either, 1. Limited in thought or concentration, or 2. Having no purpose in life, or wandering for no reason. 3. Also describes drunkedness or cloudiness of mind and use of limbs.
4. Used to decribe oneself's actions.
v. "Nadroj ambled around the park poogishly after having one too many drinks at the party."
"I sat in a poogish stupor during the math test that I had failed to study for."
by Solokin Amahimat September 17, 2005