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The act of shutting off the water supply to a friend or foe's toilet (the knob / valve behind the toilet close to the floor) and the flushing the toilet to empty the bowl of all water.

At the point, you push out your steaming turd so that it sticks to the ceramic part of the bowl. It creates a giant mess to clean up. Make sure you are not seen leaving the bathroom as a beat-down might ensue if you are caught.

A common double whammy is to also pull an upper tank or upper decker. This will create total havoc for the toilet & the person that owns it.

Entire commodes have had to been ripped out and replaced because of the devestation this creates.
Jeffrey was mad at his friend Ryan's father. So when he was visiting their home, he used their restroom and pulled a dry dock. He did not have enough dung left though to also pull a upper decker.
by Solo Stroke October 15, 2009

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