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3 definitions by Solja123

Nazi Zombies is the game mode that is unlocked once you beat Call of Duty: World at War single player.

You are in a house and with each round Nazi Zombies try to break into the house. You must buy weapons and ammunition to keep them out.
Nazi Zombies = only fun thing about COD5
by Solja123 November 26, 2008
The Ray Gun is the best gun to get in the Nazi Zombie game mode in Call of Duty: Wolrd At War

It is a one shot kill, however obtaining it can be tricky.
Dude we were playing Nazi Zombies yesterday and we all got the Ray Gun and we got to level 20!!
by Solja123 November 26, 2008
Also known as, COD:WW or COD:WAW.

This game is Treyarch's fail attempt to make Call of Duty 4 in World War 2.

The only good thing about it is the Nazi Zombie game mode. And it's only fun when you get a Ray Gun.
Guy 1: Dude are you gonna buy Call of Duty: World At War?

Guy 2: Nah, I heard it was crap.

Guy 1: From who?

Guy 2: Everyone. Seriously, everyone.
by Solja123 November 26, 2008