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3 definitions by SoliloquyGirl

When all that comes out of someone's mouth is an endless stream of relentless, nonstop moaning.
Stay away from Joanna today, I just got a ten minute moanologue all about her crappy date last night.
by SoliloquyGirl May 01, 2011
Sale Nerves occur during the sales season, when you miss a day of shopping and are afraid you've missed an epic bargain.
'Dude, I gotta go shopping tomorrow - I missed the sale today and I've got a wicked case of Sale Nerves.'
by SoliloquyGirl August 29, 2011
When some tries to force you into eating something you have no interest in eating.
David was being a Food Bully when he commanded over the dinner table: 'Eat it, Rachel. It's going to waste! Eat it! It's good for you! EAT IT!!!!'
by SoliloquyGirl January 04, 2012