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A term created by Soulshaping author Jeff Brown, the Soulular phone is your pipeline to divinity, connecting your individual path to Universal Consciousness. When it rings, be sure to answer it. It's the divine Mother calling to remind you of the next step on your journey. The more inner work you have done to clear the lines, the clearer the connection.
I was really confused about the next step on my life's path and then I heard the soulular phone ring. I answered it and I knew what to do next.
by Soleshaper April 11, 2014
Coined by Soulshaping author Jeff Brown, a soulnami is the wave of expansion that overwhelms our habitual consciousness when we are ready to expand. The oceans of essence rise up within us, inviting us to grow to the next stage on our soulular journey. A soulnami will inevitably turn our habitual range of e-motion upside down. This is a positive thing. If we can ride the wave, we will come out the other side with an expanded lens and a way of being that is truer to path. When we honor its message, we rise in karmic stature.
I was hit by a soulnami when I least expected it. It changed my life for the better.
by Soleshaper April 28, 2013

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