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alternate spelling: Jackalope

(1) pronged animal that exists in "wyoming." Can only be hunted by licence, and only on the last day of every month ...supposedly.

(2) appears in the movie "The !ncredibles;" the Great American Jakalope is portrayed as a jackrabbit with antlers. it would probably taste good with gravy and ketchup and a generous amount of white granulated sugar.

(3) a band formed in early 2003 featuring Katie B (from canada, WOOTE!) on vocals, some dude named dave, and a load background guys who are very important but youre not sure what they do. first album entitled "It Dreams" was released October 26, 2004.
(1)Is wyoming a consiracy? what IS a jakalope?

(2)dude, its the Great American Jakalope, take a picture..... yo.

(3) TR produced Jakalope, therefore it is god... :: moshes with self ::
by SolemnBliss November 29, 2004

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