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confused confuzzled and fucking basically
a: " if i work out the standard deviation of the number of trees in the amazon and mached them against the trees in cumbria, then work out a symple formulae x/y+g=..."
#eh? #confused #confuzzled #mindboggling #headfuck
by Soldja March 08, 2007
goon head, well lets see, a goon is like a henchmen usually dumb, takes orders, never has any real common sense... head, well speaks for itself. situation:
a: " how fast will i go if i drink this?" (holdin a carton of petrol)
b: " OMG ... (takes off of him) your such a friken goonhead"
#spaz #doylem #freak #wierdo #dumbass
by Soldja March 08, 2007
when somebody's confused, confuckinfuzzled and is tryin their hardest to think, like when u get a stupid equation that makes no sense in 4th grade at school, the sort that mashes yer brain up so.. its a headfuck
a: " my mum, sed that her mum, didnt like his mum, coz her mum,told mr beaken that his, mum didnt like my mum, coz i told mr beaken that i liked greenhippo's so he told mrs beaken who's her mum....."
b: " wow headfuck!!!slow down blondie, say again"
#confusing #headfecker #confuckinfuzzling #what??? #huh?
by Soldja March 08, 2007
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