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This is how I see it from my experience--

1) If you tell someone your from the city and they ask which one? Your Upstate.
2) If your not from Amsterdam the European city. Your Upstate
3) If your movie theater is in the mall. Your upstate
4) If you do all your clothes shopping at Woodbury Commons. Your Upstate
5) If there is a strip road with 15 fast food joints in row. Your Upstate.
6) If you dont get Hot 97 or 92.3 or K2u on your radio stations. Your Upstate.
7) If you know more about my car than a mechanic. Your Upstate.
8) If you live near a prison. Your Upstate.
Pretty much anywhere past White Plains.
ex: You know your upstate when??????? Follow the above.
by Soldier17 January 11, 2008

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