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4 definitions by Sold Out Activist

Violence done in the name of being dudes. Simultaneous headbutts, chest bumps, and only dual destructive behavior.
"Shit dude, watch the brotality. I just got of the hospital."
by Sold Out Activist May 11, 2009
10 4
A guy that is a positive influence on another guy, usually younger, who will flock around the Broton like neutrons around protons. Like a Big Brother or role model.
"My boyfriend is a total broton for my little brother."
by Sold Out Activist May 11, 2009
12 8
The opposite of a Broton, this guy is a bad influence of another guy, though age here is not an important factor. Thieves, gang members, and other thug types qualify.
Practically all the people your parents warned you about.

"That dude is bad news. He's a brotard."
by Sold Out Activist May 11, 2009
6 8
The act of two guys taking the bromance joke too far coupled with excessive one-way physical contact of a non-sexual fashion. Usually when one man accomplishes something non-trivial by the collective definition of 'Dude, that was awesome!'.
"If you guys are done brojobbing each other, can we get down to business?"

Girlfriend A: What's the hell? It's just a video game.
Girlfriend B: Seriously. We're about to see a brojob money shot.
by Sold Out Activist May 11, 2009
3 26