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a label of bravery in the inner city. Someone that has moved beyond the fear of getting physically hurt.

antonym - punk ass bitch
1. Damn! Did you see Joey fighting TWO dudes in the parking lot? He lost, but he got heart.

2.(a guy walks up to another guy on the street and says) "Stop acting like you got heart bitch. Empty yo fuckin pockets!"

Possible origin:
"Got heart" is similar to the "Purple Heart" medal in the Military awarded to soldiers who are brave. Evidence of bravery in the military is usually signified by a critical wound.
by Solar Gemstone January 28, 2006
This is an event where you anticipate something, but actually receive something entirely different, or unexpected.

This experience is not limited to being tricked, it is more related to personal misinterpretations.
Example 1

Hey, I bought a truck online for $2000. I just got it. It came in a small box. They failed to mention that it was a toy. (Yeah, so um) I just paid $2000 for a small plastic truck...

(Friend laughing hard) What? You just got Wobble Dumped"!

Example 2

Hey, I thought I bought a PC game for $10 online, but then I received a poster of the game, instead - I feel Wobble Dumped...

Example 3

Guy: "You know that girl I met online, the one I've been talking to for months?

Friend: "Yeah"

Guy: "We just met and she looks NOTHING like her picture. Instead, she was clean, skinny with big boobs, and had no beard - Wobble Dumped!

Friend: (Staring at Guy)
by Solar Gemstone May 19, 2011

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