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When one relaxes their sphincter muscle to let a fart or some faeces out.
"Dude, I accidentally released the brakes during a math test and I made this huge fart!"
"Dude, yeah, I heard it!"
by Soiled Undergarment October 21, 2004
What people write on Urbandictionary when they don't know how to link to another UD word.
by Soiled Undergarment August 17, 2003
Auf wiedersehen - Goodbye
Auf Fernsehen - On the TV
"Auf Wiedersehen John Jawohl!"
"John Jawohl ist auf Fernsehen!"
by Soiled Undergarment July 09, 2003
Ultra High Frequency (300-3000 MHz; 1m-10cm)
by Soiled Undergarment July 09, 2003
It's what you get when you're listening to a station on a certain frequency, and you get two radio stations who both use that frequency at the same time. One signal is stronger than the other, then it changes so the other is stronger. This just keeps on happening and is called a 'frequency fight'.
"Dude, frequency fight imminent."
"Dude, change the station will you?"
by Soiled Undergarment September 27, 2003
A piece of rubber worn on the penis to prevent fluid from entering the vagina. They are hard to find and embarrassing to pay for. Make a great balloon or water bomb.
by Soiled Undergarment August 18, 2003
Acronym for Mind your fucking business. Not my young fire brigade.
"Dude, what're you doing tonight?"
"Dude, MYFB."
"Dude, sorry, didn't know you'd be entertaining yourself."
by Soiled Undergarment August 13, 2003

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