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2 definitions by SoggyBottoms11

All Balls No Chain, or abnc, is a very difficult sexual manuever that requires focus, a high threshold for nut pain, nutsack-eye coordination, and most importantly - extremely saggy nuts. While engaged in doggy position, the female may experience more pleasure from the male's droopy ball sack swinging forward, slapping and stimulating her clitoris - even more pleasurable than the actual penetration itself. At this point she will beg him to abnc her, swatting away that pesky dick and demand that he only use his grandfather clock nuts, rendering his limp pencil dick useless. The male may experience pain to his balls due to the constant vag slappings.
Sam: Yo bro i heard you chilled with Maria last night, did you nail her?

Dave: Well, not exactly but something like that

Sam: What? Did you get it in or not?

Dave: At first yeah, but eventually she wanted me to finish her off by way of abnc

Sam: Oh nice, you definitely have those perfect droopy donkey nuts for a solid all balls no chain

Dave: Thanks man
by SoggyBottoms11 November 25, 2011
A traditional and delicious treat coming to your breakfast plate straight out of Central Europe. An HHB is created by smothering a bagel of your choosing with herb-infused goat cheese, lox, fresh herpes and just a sprinkle of cock. Feel free to throw in some minced tomatoes to subdue that pungent Hungarian herpe flavor we're all too familiar with.
Greg: Dude im starving

Tommy: Don't worry Greggy, Tommy gonna make you hungarian herpe bagels!

Greg: You don't know dick about making breakfast

Tommy: Tommy great chef! Tommys guests always come back for seconds!
by SoggyBottoms11 November 26, 2011