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A particularly scuzzy or grizzled beard. This beard is mainly attached to surly men on the management team.
That boy's got some babies stuck in that mook beard of his.
#mook #beard #surly #grizzle #scuzzy #baby #wow #fromunda #cheese #crumbs
by Soggy Bottom January 20, 2008
Kinky Cathy is a lady in her mid 40's who has spent most of her life raising children and serving her husband. Then without warning turns her life upside down and flips to the dark side to explore her sexuality with a woman. Great fun when drunk always up for a party or a night out and usually accompanied by a trusty sidekick who ironically is a man eater.
She was so reserved, who knew she was a kinky Cathy
#kinky #cathy #man eater #lesbian #dark side
by Soggy bottom November 01, 2014
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