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When an individual with Down-syndrome loses his/her shit, and proceeds to annihilate anything in reach with a hammer of some sort.
Did you see the news today?

Fuck the news.

Well Alabama was annihilated by a Down-syndrome Hammer Fiesta

Alright? Who gives a flying fuck about Alabama?
by Sodomy boy June 25, 2010
Inserting a head of cabbage into one's rectum, once said cabbage is inserted, an elephant is forced to eat fore-mentioned cabbage.
Hey did you hear what happened to Bob?

No, why?

He's in the hospital, apparently he had one hell of an Anal Elephant.
by Sodomy boy June 21, 2010
Sodomy Boy is the name I have given to the sarcastic, douche bag character in all of my definitions.
Hey, you know that hilarious character in all of Sodomy Boy's definitions?


He's fucking awesome!

I wonder who he is.....dumb ass.....
by Sodomy Boy October 25, 2010
The act of deliberately assaulting someone with your, or any other individual's, testicles.
I just got out of prison for testicular battery, after I killed your mom five years ago.
by Sodomy boy June 17, 2010
When in a group of offspring, be them human or animal, all of them are near perfect. Except one, which is exceptionally and completely fucking retarded.
Dude, did you see those insanely hot triplets over there?

Who the fuck are you talking to?

Well, there's four of them, but the last one is a Mongoloid Duckling.

Fuck it, I'm going home.
by Sodomy Boy October 25, 2010
An extremely volatile expulsion of bodily fluids and or particles from one's anus. Usually done onto another individual's chest or face.
Dude what's that smell?

Well, my girlfriend told me she wanted to try an Anal Atom Bomb, she was naked so I just went with it.

The fuck?

Yea, and that was four months ago.
by Sodomy Boy October 25, 2010
A person who receives or gives anal sex in weather below or at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
So how was that Asskimo chick yesterday?

Not so good....


I have frostbite on my balls......
by Sodomy Boy April 20, 2011

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