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(Noun) Ass.tress
definition -A woman who has been accepted to star in a play, Music video(most of the times), or television show not for her preforming prowess, Aesthetic appearance, or even sparkling personality but, for the size & bounciness of her ass to use usually as a distraction from how bad said play, video, or show is or to just attempt to be sexy.
The very beginning of Pitbull's Hotel Room Service music video couldn't be a more perfect example of a asstress.

Man 1: *is watching a booty filled show* Man there is some great actresses in this show.

*a 2nd man hears Man 1 & enters the room*

Man 2: *looks at show* no it don't. All they doing is shaking ass. They ain't actresses they are ASStresses.
by Sodacan January 18, 2010
So Cute u(you) emit effeminate eek. This is not only an acronym it is the onomatopoeia or actual sound being made.

pronunciation: (Sk.weee)
Woman talking to friend: o my gosh! I saw the cutest little kitty today at the pet store. He was so cute I almost Scueee'd.

Manly man: Nothing in the world will ever make me SQUEEE.
Man#2: aww look at this kitty picture hugging a bunny.
Manly man: SQUEEE!!
by Sodacan April 13, 2010
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