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The area directly in front of your face. Most commonly seen driving 30 mph on I-95 in South Florida. Usually in a taxi, jit, handi-van, piece of shit, etc. You get the idea or have fallen victim to it.
Dude1: How the fuck did you drive into a house.

Dude2: I don't know, it was right in my hatian blind spot
by Soda Pop2 August 26, 2008
An elderly man's giant frank and beans bulging through the crotch of his pants. When you were in elementary school, and a volunteer referred to as "grandpa" would sit and read to you. As you sit on the floor and he is in the chair with his legs spread, all you see is grandpa's torpedo.
I couldn't concentrate on the story, cuz all I could see was grandpa's torpedo. I thought it was gonna shoot me in the eye like an angry pirate!
by Soda Pop2 August 26, 2008
A duck's ding dong. It looks like a corkscrew.
Damn, did you see that duck coily at the duck pond?
by Soda Pop2 August 26, 2008
When you fart in your pants and a piece of white hard petrified shit squeezes out and gets stuck to your ass hairs for months.
I hadn't shit for weeks, then finally I was laughing so hard I did a Great White Shart.

While performing the Spongebob Donkey Punch on my boyfriend, I munched on a Great White Shart. Mmmm CRUNCHY!
by Soda Pop2 August 26, 2008
When your girlfriend performs a spongebob donkey punch on you then you shart and she licks your ass crack.
I love it when my girlfriend gives me a big wet sloppy Spongebob hershey kiss.
by Soda Pop2 August 26, 2008
A place where you can hang naked from the ceiling fan while your dog licks your balls!
I just looove going for a round at Caesar's Palace!
by Soda Pop2 August 26, 2008
The act of fellatio, when you do the bob and weave; then as he begins to climax, you punch him in the stomach, the esophagus, chomp on his weiner and finally a good punch in the square pants.
My girlfriend performed a spongebob donkey punch on me last night. It was the best blow job ever! It was so good I sharted and then she licked my ass crack, thus she performed a spongebob hershey kiss.
by Soda Pop2 August 26, 2008

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