3 definitions by Socran

When you want to accentuate somethings coolness, and a one syllable word like rock won't cut it. Can be used in any word I.E. sizzuck, pizzwnage.
That fricken rizzocks!
by Socran October 06, 2003
Beyond both owning and pwning. I believe some rapper started the "izz" thing, but pizzown has evolved into a common word.

NOT to be confused with Pizza Hut's P'Zone
I just dominated 200,000 players, and never got hit ONCE! I pizzown!
by Socran October 06, 2003
Bob and George, the rizzockinest comic in its earlier years, fun to read now.
enter #bobandgeorge

Socran: BnG rocks!
Epros: Duh, that's why we're here.
by Socran October 06, 2003

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