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How British people pronounce YouTube.
Nigel - "Hey, again YouChoob! Sorry I haven't been on lately. Bollocks!"
by Socko_Detheroc December 08, 2008
A rhetorical question often used by douchebags to state facts. The correct answer is usually 'true'.

Greg - "True or false: I banged Cindy last night!"

Herbert - "Uh... True"

Greg - "Yeah! True! High-Five!"


Fred - "True or False, Camels have three eyelids on each eye?"

Pam - "False!"

Fred - "Nope, true!
by Socko_Detheroc December 08, 2008
An Urban Dictionary user who, at every opportunity, posts definitions to words that are relevant to the day they are posted, I.E. Christmas, Thanksgiving, or the release of a popular movie.
Not Steve #1: "Wow, another of Steve's definitions was featured!"

Not Steve #2: "He's a total holiday whore."
by Socko_Detheroc December 08, 2008
One whose general knowledge of arcane and useless subjects causes them to spew facts intermittently to no avail.
Doug - "Did you know that all polar bears are left handed?"

John - "Uh... No... but that's interesting."

Claire - "Oh, don't mind dug. He's a fact-ory."
by Socko_Detheroc December 08, 2008

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