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1 definition by SocietyHouse

FAILURE. One so depraved, believed to have sprouted from the murder hole-a person so pathetic. One who fails at everything. Furthermore inclined to take it in the ass by strange Craigslist dudes in a van behind 7-11. Additionally, one who is unable to complete simple tasks and shirks every responsibility. A ne'er do anything. A constant emotional, physical and financial drain on all, society in general. A dildo fuckhead is one who's bathing and hygienic practices are unknown. A person who smells like butt rape, soiled clothes and big foots dick. A dildo fuckhead is a truly vile person who's chance encounter will leave you with scarred visions and emotional trauma.
Craig stop being such a dildo fuckhead! I'm gonna hose you down and fuck you in the street.

Alexis that dude Aaron is a dildo fuckhead, how could you touch that thing!
by SocietyHouse January 13, 2010
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