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A class that tries to prepare students for the grueling life of a college student in high school, but fails miserably due to poorly written papers, Arial font, hyper-detailed projects, and insane amounts of homework that prevent a normal high school student from having a life.
Student#1: Hey Justin, wanna go to the party at Micheal's house?

Student#2: Sorry Mark, I have AP European History homework to do.

Student#1: Jeez man get a life.
by Socia1 S1ayer September 14, 2009
1) An erection resembling an "eel escaping" that results from getting aroused while wearing basketball shorts or other light lower-body clothing.

2) Extremely embarrassing, especially if near females.
#1: Oh man dude, gross. Jerry has an Escaping Eel.

#2: Yeah, those chicks are pretty hot. No wonder.

by Socia1 S1ayer September 14, 2009
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